Patient Education

Oral Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Published on August 12, 2022
young woman having teeth cleaned

Some of the most common oral cancer symptoms and signs include:

  • Persistent mouth sore: A sore in the mouth that does not heal is the most common symptom of oral cancer
  • Pain: Persistent mouth pain is another common oral cancer sign
  • A lump or thickening in the cheek
  • A white or red patch on the gums, tongue, tonsil, or lining of the mouth
  • A sore throat or feeling that something is caught in the throat that does not go away
  • Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  • Difficulty moving the jaw or tongue
  • Numbness of the tongue or elsewhere in the mouth
  • Jaw swelling that makes dentures hurt or fit poorly
  • Loosening of the teeth
  • Pain in the teeth or jaw
  • Voice changes
  • A lump in the neck
  • Weight loss
  • Persistent bad breath

If any of these oral cancer symptoms or signs are present for days or weeks, your doctor may recommend tests to check for oral cancer. As with any cancer, having your cancer diagnosed as soon as possible will help ensure that any treatment is as effective as possible.

Office Oral Cancer Checks

Dr. White and our staff do oral cancer screenings at all dental check-up appointments at no charge to help identify any possible signs of oral cancer and get them addressed as soon as possible. If you ever have any concerns outside of your regularly scheduled appointments we would be more than glad to schedule you for a no-charge consultation with Dr. White.

By Ron S. White, DDS