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Allow Ron S. White, DDS to help you understand your dental insurance at our Dripping Springs, TX office. Dental insurance can often go overlooked when registering for healthcare, but you should consider adding or upping your coverage. It can help cover most regular visits and more straightforward treatment options. While it won't cover all the costs of extensive procedures, you can count on us to help you find dental financing options to complete the payment when due. Please speak with our staff for further information and to schedule your next visit to our office.
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Why Dental Insurance Is Important

Dental insurance serves as a protection plan to aid in managing the costs associated with dental care - costs that could be significantly high, especially in cases involving major dental work.
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Benefits of Dental Insurance

Below are some of the benefits you can expect when signing up for dental insurance:

Monetary Support

Dental insurance aids in absorbing the high costs of dental care, lessening the financial strain on individuals. It may not cover all, but what it does could be significant.

Coverage for Routine Care

Most dental insurance plans cover routine care such as bi-annual dental cleanings, examinations, and X-rays.

Broad Dentist Network

Dental insurance commonly provides a vast network of dentists, presenting individuals with ample choices of providers. We accept many providers.

High Value for Money

Dental insurance plans can offer individuals significant cost savings through negotiated rates and discounted charges for dental procedures.

Financing Options for Dental Services

When dental procedures are only partially insured, we are prepared to help you explore alternative financing options. Understanding that dental care should be as affordable as possible, we strive to offer solutions tailored to each patient's needs and circumstances. This could include payment plans or other types of financial arrangements. Our primary goal is to ensure all our patients receive dental care, regardless of insurance coverage limitations.
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Financial & Insurance in Dripping Springs, TX

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