For people who are missing some or all of their teeth – or for those patients who need to have their teeth extracted for whatever reason – dentures can quite literally improve their quality of life. Missing teeth is nothing new. In fact, crude dentures were first created over 2,000 years ago! Since that time, dental technology has progressed by huge leaps and bounds.
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Today’s dentures are not only more realistic looking than ever before; they’re also more comfortable and fit more securely in patients’ mouths than dentures from decades ago. Dr. White understands how important these appliances are in the lives of his patients, which is why he’s happy to offer denture services in his Dripping Springs, TX, office.

Types of Dentures

Generally speaking, dentures come in two types: partial sets for those people missing a few teeth, and complete sets for those people missing all of their teeth. Complete sets of dentures also come in two types: conventional and immediate. Dr. White will fit patients who have already lost all of their teeth with a conventional set of complete dentures. But patients who need to have all of their teeth extracted have another option: immediate dentures. These prosthetics are provided to the patient immediately after having teeth extracted instead of waiting for the gum tissue to heal first. The most obvious advantage of immediate dentures is the fact that the patient doesn’t have to live without teeth while waiting for the gum tissue to heal and being fitted with conventional dentures. Although there are some benefits to immediate dentures, Dr. White wants to remind his patients who choose this option that immediate dentures will likely need to be relined on occasion since gum tissue changes shape during the healing process.

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