Tooth Colored Fillings

We have all benefitted from the remarkable advancements made in dental technology over the past several years. One of those is the advent of tooth colored fillings. Just as the name would imply, a tooth colored filling is one that is matched to the shade of your natural teeth, making the filling virtually invisible. Unlike the old-fashioned silver amalgam that was used in fillings for many years, the material used in tooth colored fillings never changes color over time. Better yet, the composite material is extremely strong and durable, typically lasting for many, many years. Tooth colored fillings are one of several services that Dr. White is pleased to provide for his Dripping Springs, TX, patients.

Information about Tooth-Colored Fillings

The advances in dental technology don’t just include improved tools and techniques – they also involve the type of materials now used in many dental procedures. The composite material used in tooth colored fillings is a good example: it’s made from a combination of plastic resin and silica filler, which very closely mimics the natural dentin in your teeth. The result is a strong filling that matches exactly the color of your natural teeth.

The Procedure

From the patient’s point of view, the procedure involved in getting a tooth colored filling is exactly the same as getting an old-fashioned silver amalgam filling. Dr. White begins by removing all existing decay – or old filling material – then thoroughly cleans the tooth surface. After that, he fills the tooth using composite resin that matches your natural tooth shade. The procedure may be straightforward, but the result is a repaired tooth that looks exactly like other healthy teeth!

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