Implant Dentistry

For many years the only way to replace missing teeth was with dental bridges or dentures. But modern dental technology now provides another permanent solution to replacing missing teeth: implant dentistry. Many patients prefer implants to replace one or more missing teeth because they are a permanent solution. Not only are implants extremely durable and long-lasting; they are made to very closely match the shade of your natural teeth, making them virtually impossible to detect. Dr. White is accomplished in implant dentistry and is pleased to offer these services to his Dripping Springs, TX, patients.

Implant Dentistry

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The first step in getting a new dental implant is when Dr. White implants an artificial tooth root (made of titanium) into the patient’s jawbone. After a few months, the metal implant fuses to the bone tissue. At that time, Dr. White affixes a porcelain crown to the top of the implant.
The end result is a replacement tooth that is completely natural-looking, permanent, and can be cared for by simply brushing and flossing – just like the patient’s natural teeth. Implants are so durable that they often last for a lifetime. And unlike other tooth replacement options, such as partial dentures or dental bridges, an implant never moves inside the patient’s mouth because the artificial root is fused to the jawbone of the patient, so there are no dietary restrictions with a dental implant.

Other Uses for Implant Dentistry

In addition to being an effective way to replace missing teeth, implants can also be used as an anchor for dentures. When implants are used in this fashion, it prevents dentures from moving inside the patient’s mouth.

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