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Can I really get all my teeth fixed in one day?

Lots of folks have lots of questions about how “teeth in a day” work so I thought I’d give you an idea of how that certain process is done and explain why it is so costly.

First of all, this process is not really done in one day. Having said that, there is a “day” when most of the dental work happens, but before that “day” happens, x-rays, digital scans, photographs and teeth impressions are taken. With these records, there is a lot of prep work that must take place before the big day. On that day, typically your unhealthy teeth are removed and new implants and a denture or bridge is put in their place. Just a few years back we did this type of procedure all the time…but without the implants. This was called an immediate denture and the dentist and dental lab made the denture before removing your teeth then on the day of surgery would remove the teeth and place the denture in…immediately.

Now with the advancement of implants, that same type of denture/bridge can be secured to implants the same day. This by far is the superior way to wear a bridge or denture. Implants provide a permanent anchor for your new bridge or denture. No more days of denture paste and loose teeth! However, your case isn’t done yet. Your mouth has lots of healing to do which also requires several adjustments to the bridge/denture. Good news is that you have your new teeth in your mouth that are snugly secured in place with permanent dental implants during the whole process. After the healing is complete, a new denture/bridge is fabricated specifically for your new smile. During the process, you can “design” your smile specifying the shape, color and length of your new teeth.

Is it worth it? Only you can answer that question. We always go over fees associated with all the projected work and let you decide to do everything in one day or space out treatment over time. The technology is proven and the process works. If you think you are at that point in your dental health, we’d be happy to take a look and give you our opinion.

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