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  • Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Dr. White and his team have transformed many, many lives with our techniques using Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. 

We have restored health, happiness and self confidence through our Smile Makeover Services.

Smile Makeover Options

With a smile makeover, you can have the beautiful smile of your dreams. Dr. White and his team can solve numerous dental problems with advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry options at our office in Dripping Springs. Our smile makeover treatment options include:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can dramatically brighten the smile by removing stains from the enamel. For your convenience, we provide both in-office Zoom!® teeth whitening and at-home whitening trays.


Invisalign uses a series of virtually invisible plastic trays to gradually straighten the teeth, without traditional braces.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick, relatively inexpensive smile makeover option for concealing minor chips, cracks, and discoloration. The tooth-colored bonding material is applied to the tooth to cover flaws for a natural-looking result.

Tooth-colored Fillings

White (tooth-colored) fillings are an attractive alternative to metal or amalgam fillings, which can detract from the appearance of the smile. Instead, tooth-colored fillings are made of ceramic material that matches the teeth flawlessly.

Instant Orthodontics

We provide instant orthodontics with porcelain veneers, one of the most sophisticated smile makeover options. Porcelain veneers are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics” because they improve the appearance of crooked teeth without orthodontic treatment. They also conceal flaws such as chipped, discolored, and misshaped teeth. Veneers are bonded to the front of the tooth to completely conceal flaws, providing a brand new, dazzling smile.

To begin your smile makeover process, contact our office to schedule a cosmetic consultation.

Comprehensive Smile Design

With our Comprehensive Smile Design, complex dental problems (including broken, discolored, or missing teeth) are not an obstacle to having a functional, good-looking smile. With this smile makeover option, our team utilizes one or more restorative and/or cosmetic treatments to restore functioning and beauty to the smile. These treatments include:

Dental Implants

At our office in Dripping Springs, we can enhance your smile makeover with dental implants. Dental implants anchor artificial tooth replacements – porcelain crowns, dental bridges, and dentures – directly to the jawbone, for a result that is indistinguishable from the natural teeth.

Porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns are an option for covering a damaged tooth, covering a dental implant, or anchoring a dental bridge. We provide beautiful, all-porcelain crowns that are custom-crafted in our office for each patient. Porcelain Crowns

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth. They can be anchored to a natural tooth or to a dental implant. Modern bridges are amazingly natural-looking and crafted to match your unique smile and appearance.

We encourage you to call our office to find out more about your smile transformation!

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